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Why Someone Would Benefit From Our Service

First of all, our companys vision is to help people sell cars quickly, no matter the condition, no matter the cars history. We intend to make the procedure simple and fast, so you can sell your car and have cash in hand as rapidly as possible. How does our business benefit you? Here are seven ways our company does business to aid you.

We don’t care about your car’s

Your car can be running or not, damaged or not. We do not exclude certain brands. All cars are welcome, and we will offer a fair price. Of course this price will differ depending on the condition, but we will not turn down a totaled car as many might do. Additionally, we know we are buying the car as-is. You will not find us complaining a few days after the sale wanting a refund as might happen if you engage in a private sale. Your car will be sold for good, and you will have no need to worry about it. Condition does not matter to us.

Your car’s history is not

In a private-party sale, you will need to report any accidents the car has been through, even if it was completely repaired. Your car has a record, and previous injuries to your car are recorded in connection to its VIN number. Oftentimes, if your car was in a massive accident, this can greatly depreciate the value of your car. However, we dont care about what has happened to your car; a salvage title does not affect our offer. Accidents or not, we offer you a fair value.

We come to

Perhaps you do not enjoy traveling, or, more likely, you simply do not have a day to spend trying to find our companys location in Seattle so that you can sell your car. Adding that in to having to find another driver who can pick you up from our location and take you back to your house can make it that much more frustrating for you to make a sale. You dont need to deal with that frustration. Even if you are not in Seattle, we will pick up the car from you. You can discuss a convenient time when you will be available, and we will adjust our schedule to pick up your car from your house.

We are

How does this affect you? You can set aside any worries that we will come back to you or make a problem for you as we have over twenty years of experience in doing what we are doing. We went through extensive training, and we know the requirements we need to meet to perform our part of the sale correctly. We will walk you through any unfamiliar ground such as signing over the title, etc.

You avoid the hassle of listing and
advertising your car.

What does this mean? You do not need to pay for ads or pay a car lot to hold your car on consignment. You have no need to give away a percentage of your funds to have a thirty party involved. Car lots charge anywhere from 5-10%, and sometimes, you will be required to pay a few extra fees for inspecting the car, etc. By skipping this step of selling to a private party, you not only benefit your wallet, you also get to skip having strangers come to your home to view the car. You do not need to deal with the hassle of making appointments with possible buyers who then do not keep them or simply view the car and decide not to buy. This can be frustrating, especially if you need cash quickly. Avoid dealing with the hassle of potential buyers and missed appointments by choosing to sell your car for cash immediately.

You can sell your car
within 24 hours.

Your sale can take even less, because we work quickly. If you want to know exactly what is involved, take a look below to read how the process works. Where else will you be able to sell your car in an hour? If you need cash quickly, our service can benefit you.

You don’t need to smog your car.

You don’t need to smog your car. In a private party sale, you will need to have a recent inspection to prove that you are selling the car in the condition it appears. While not all private party sales require this service, not doing so can cause you problems. Lets say you sell your car to a person who has a problem with the transmission a month later. Who are they going to blame? You! They will say that the car was damaged when they bought it. If the damage to the transmission is expensive, they may try to extract the money from you. Thats why smogging your car is always a safe move before you make a private party sale. Additionally, if the car is damaged, and the damage is discovered in the inspection, you may be forced to fix the issue before making the sale final. This can be expensive and inconvenient, adding on even more time between when you want to sell the car and when you can actually make a sale. However, because we are buying the car as-is, as mentioned before, we do not care about the condition. You do not need your car to pass the emissions test that is often required to complete a private party sale. This saves money and time for you in addition to frustration.

Using our company in Seattle would provide you with the benefits described above. As you can see, our service makes your part of selling the car a breeze.


What Types of Cars We Buy

We are not picky about the types of cars we purchase. We buy literally anything. By this, we mean damaged cars, broken-down cars, nice cars, old cars, classic cars, etc. Almost any type of car you have, we will buy with ONE and only one exception. At this time, we cannot accept cars that have been damaged by fire. This is our only exception. However, any other type of car is welcome, no matter the year, no matter the miles, no matter the damage. Call us to get a specific estimate in relation to the car you are trying to sell.

We Pay Cash For Cars In Seattle!

Call Now and Take Advantage of Our.


Where We Are Located

We are located in Seattle, Washington. However, if our location is not a convenient place for you to deposit your car, we do come to you to retrieve the car. It does not matter that we are in Seattle, because you do not have to be to receive our great offers


What Next?

The process for selling us your car is not difficult, and you can have the cash within 24 hours. You must follow these steps to sell your car to our business in Seattle.

Call our company

Call our company at (206) 742-0791 and tell us the vehicle you have.

Follow the promptings

Follow the promptings to provide a bit of further information in regards to the year, make, model, mileage, and condition of the vehicle.

Next, the personnel

Next, the personnel on the phone will formulate a fair offer for your car.

If you like the offer

If you like the offer, you can accept it. If you would like to think about the offer, the offer will not be rescinded unless the condition of your vehicle changes. However, in order to move quickly, you will need to make your decision quickly.

Accepted Offer

Once you have accepted the offer, part of our team will set up an appointment to pick up the car, and you will be given the money. This whole process, depending on the time of your acceptance, can take less than twenty-four hours.

What are you waiting for? In 2015, 17.5 million cars and trucks were sold in the United States. Make the process easier by using us to sell your car in the quickest way possible and have the cash in hand in less than twenty-four hours. Following this process with us by your side to guide you in each step will take away the stress of selling a car and make the process easy. No need to hesitate or worry as our practice can assure you of a smooth experience selling your car.

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