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Everyone was created with a purpose, and everyone finds fulfillment in doing something that specifically touches their interests. Some people feel satisfied when they work with small children. Others must be playing music to be happy.

For us, we are just a bunch of techies who thought there had to be a better way of streamlining the car selling process. As sort of an experiment, we tried to sell a car of our own. We admit open and honestly that we failed. Why? Selling a car on your own is hard, especially if you are working a full-time job (or even overtime) and then trying to set up appointments with possible customers. It was disappointing to come home from work early to make an appointment with a possible buyer, and they never even show up. No, we failed pretty badly, and after a time, we became flat out tired of trying. Selling a car was more frustrating than rewarding! So, we put our minds together, and we focused on trying to come up with a solution. Working together, we created Cash For Cars Seattle. To date, we have over 20 years of experience purchasing used cars, and we have really taken Seattle by storm.

We never thought 20+ years ago that we would work together to become a successful and knowledgeable business. Yet, we found that specific thing that fulfills us. We enjoy the challenge, the process of buying and selling cars. We have found that we enjoy working with customers. What is most fulfilling about our business is the fact that we are helping others sell their cars quickly and avoid the aggravation that haunted us throughout the process. We have learned a lot over the years, and choosing to start this business, though a bit of a frightening prospect at first, has turned out to be beneficial to both our customers and ourselves.

We Pay Cash For Cars In Seattle!

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