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Why Sell Your Car?

If you are thinking, why should I sell my car in Seattle?, we have got an answer for you. . .or more like ten. Here are ten reasons you should sell your car immediately.

1. Insurance!

Insurance payments are an average of $125 a month in the state of Washington, totaling $1,500 per year. Your payments may be even higher if you have had to make a claim or if you have a young driver on your insurance. While having a car can be super convenient, carpooling to work can also be a way to skip out on all those insurance payments. This is especially true if you have an extra car. Even if you do not drive the car very often, you still need to pay insurance on it.

2. City living!

If you work in the city, it can be almost impossible to find parking. It is also extremely frustrating when you are looking for a spot, and you know you will be late to work, but you simply cannot find a place to leave your car. Add that to having to pay for parking every day or for a year long parking pass, and you are chipping away at your income. On the thirtieth trip around the block, you think you see a space. . .no, that was a driveway.

3.Gas prices!

Gas prices have been pretty decent recently; however, they are said to rise soon.
You will be back to paying top dollar soon enough to drive your car.

4. Problems galore?

Your car keeps breaking down at the most inconvenient times (is it ever convenient?). If you have to go through calling the tow service and having the mechanic quote astronomical prices one more time, you might just go crazy. Why keep pouring money into the car when something else will just break in a few more months?

5. Your health!

Not having a car will give you a few more opportunities to get healthy. Instead of sitting behind the wheel for your long commute every day, you will have the opportunity to walk a few blocks to the bus station or the light link rail station

6. Traffic!

Rush hour traffic can be the worst. You are familiar with every inch of the back of that red SUV by the time you get through the traffic. Public transportation gives you the freedom of not having to drive. You can do something relaxing such as read, or you can close your eyes and get a few minutes of rest as the bus inches along.

7. Usage!

Perhaps you dont use your car for everyday transportation; you already use public transportation or carpooling. Now your car is hardly ever used, perhaps only in the evenings after work if you have the energy to go out. That disuse is even more of a reason to sell it. First of all, if you arent using it, you may as well get some cash for it. Additionally, cars that are not used frequently tend to have mechanical problems. It may not make sense, but cars that are in

disuse actually have problems from not being used. Sell that car while it is still working well, so that you can get more money for it and not need to pay repairs first.

8. Old!

Your car is on its last leg. It has faithfully served you, but you have a feeling each time you use the door, that the door might not stay on its hinges for much longer. Dont keep your car around if it is not serving you well. You could buy a new car or a used car instead of needing to worry about the state of this one. It is much more comforting to drive a car that runs smoothly so you do not need to worry about being stranded.

9. Reflection!

The car you drive represents who you are. If you work at a top dollar business and drive a car that coughs up into the parking lot, this will not represent you well. If you ever need to have clients in your car, you should have something nice, not simply try to soak every pennys worth from your current ride. Additionally, maybe you bought the car as soon as you had money to buy a ride, and now the car represents what you were looking for at seventeen not at twenty-three. Consider investing in a nicer car that will better reflect and represent your position or the position you hope to hold in the future.

10. Depreciation!

Even if you think you will come to a point when you will be using your car regularly (once you get that job promotion in less than a year!), you should sell it for now. Your car will be depreciating in value. The cost of keeping it running (and insured) while not in use can be more expensive than you first thought. Sell it while it has been in good use or you will find problem number seven haunting you as well. When you come to a situation where you can take care of a car and use it often, the depreciation of your cars value will be worth it.
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