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Cash For Junk Cars

We are not picky about the types of cars we buy from you. As discussed before, we accept pretty much any car type and model with any amount of damage. Check our homepage to see the ONE exception. One of the types of cars we accept are junk cars.

What is a junk car?

A junk car is a car that has been so badly damaged, that it is a smarter decision financially to sell the car as-is for parts rather than pour in money to fix the vehicle, receive a salvage title, then try to sell it. The damage does not necessarily have to be something visible from the outside; it can be damage internally to the engine, etc. Lets look at an example. A person has been in a car accident; the other person in the accident hit them on the side near the front. Looking at the car visibly, you can see that it is damaged a bit. The front side is damaged, and the frame above the tire is almost rubbing it. You drive the car home and talk with your insurance company. They get your car towed to a mechanic, and you await the news. At first, it looks as though the damage will not be so bad to repair. The other insurance company will be paying for it; you might receive $1000 to receive damages. However, once the mechanic has a chance to look closely and give a real estimate, he announces the car to be totaled. He says the frame is shifted just enough that it takes off the whole balance of the car. The total to fix the 2004 vehicle is $5400.

Your jaw drops open. Those are some expensive repairs! The insurance company will be paying, sure. But, you could just keep the car and take the repair money and sell the car as a junk car instead of going through the hassle of trying to repair the car, get a salvage title, then sell it for something worthwhile.

Why should I sell my junk car?

As mentioned before, you may have a few reasons for wanting to sell your junk car. First of all, you probably cant drive it, or if you can, it may be very unsafe. It is better to sell the car and get what you can than let it sit and continue to lose value. Also, as described in the scenario before, even if you have insurance helping to pay for the damage, that can take weeks or months to complete such extensive repairs. You must consider what you will drive during that time. Secondly, after the repairs are finished, you will need to get a salvage title which will take time and effort. After that, you will then be able to sell the car. However, because it will carry a salvage title, you might not even be able to sell it for the cost you needed to repair it, depending on that cost.

You can receive cash for your junk cars in Seattle by selling them as-is. Dont spend time repairing them, etc. Especially if you need the money in hand quickly, we can help you by taking the junk car off your hands for a fair price.

Your options:

1. Repair Car

Repair the car for $4000, then try to sell it for more, perhaps getting $5000 or so.

2. Sell the car

Sell the car as-is for the same profit margin you would have made to repair then sell. This option allows you to skip the hassle of dealing with repairmen, etc. Sell the car immediately! We will give you a great deal, and you will have your car sold within twenty-four hours. This simply cannot be beat! Call us at (206)-742-0791 to get an instant offer!